Confessions of a Las Vegas Motorcop
By H.D. Justice

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Blondes in see-through dresses … revelers with an alcoholic beverage in their glove compartment … adventures in NASCAR racing … speeders who flip the bird to a motor trooper … it’s all in Vegas … BABY!

Confessions of a Las Vegas MotorCop is an outrageous, fun, funny and entertaining romp through the experience of a NHP Motor Trooper. Everything you could ever imagine that is supposed “to stay in Vegas” comes pouring out in this incredible and often stunning confessional straight from the experiences of a Vegas motor cop. You will not be able to put this page-turner down, as you read stories from a stripper who lacks modesty to crazy criminals who flirt with gun play, and from just stupid people who do dumb things to off-road riders who lack common sense — all taking place in and around Vegas.  Purchase the Book and enjoy the ride.


Sneak Peek at one of my top 10 excuses … Excuse #5 “The Name Dropper”

You may have tried this excuse before … you met a cop in a DUI class, or your friend knows a cop or you ran into a cop for some unfortunate reason and you kind of remember his/her name.

So, when you get pulled over and the person is at your window, out of your mouth comes:

“Hey, do you know Lieutenant Danielson (or insert any name you  know here)? He is a friend of mine and told me to use his name if I ever get pulled over.

As I listen to the name I realize he might be talking about Sgt. Daniels or Lieutenant Daubson.  Usually they are getting the name only partially right and seem a little unsure.

So logically, and because it is kind of fun, I start quizzing them about this supposed connection.  Questions like:

“How do you know him/her?”

“Where did you meet Lieutenant Danielson?”

And so on  ….

At some point in time it becomes pretty obvious that they are not friends and that this person doesn’t actually know the Lieutenant but ran into him once and happened to file the name away in case of emergency.

The funniest pull over with this excuse was when I became aware that the person knew the cop because he taught their mandatory DUI class.

Now, you may be wondering if any of these people got out of their ticket?  The answer, no.  Feeble attempts and excuses don’t work with me.  I take into consideration honest and genuine apologies and the ability to accept responsibility.

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